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1-2-3 Bespoke & Custom Rugs..

Simple steps to get your own creativity to real luxurious rugs.

Custom Design Process

Anyone who is interested in getting custom rugs can look through our designs that have already been converted into beautiful rugs. We can also match your own colors, patterns and motifs, size or shape to match your interiors. We weave your dream rugs come into lively beautiful rugs.
A custom rug can be made for any space like stairs and landings or fitted wall-to-wall.
We love to work together with you in creating a completely new design, colors, motifs, textures etc with endless possibilities .Write us, we will get back to you with you.
Our manufacturing partner ‘Decorative Rugs’ have made thousands of beautiful rugs since inception in 1994.


Many of the rugs made by ‘Decorative Rugs’ also contain silk - the combination leads to a super-soft texture which designers adore. Apart from silk and wool, which are being used for thousands of years in rugs and textiles, other fibers used by ‘Decorative Rugs ‘include mohair, cashmere and pashmina, banana fibre, hemp, nettle(Allo). Interesting textures can be created in the rugs using these fibers.

3 Steps in getting your own bespoke rugs

  1. If you have any patterns, designs or colors in you mind, we can draw and show you a computer generated simulation of designs. Or we can help you in designing rugs for your unique needs at free of charge.

  2. If you are satisfied with the colors, size of motifs, patterns etc, we weave a small strike-off sample which will help you to how the rug will look like in final rug. You can feel the textures and see if the rug does matches with your interiors.

  3. Once sample is approved, we start the process of making rugs and keep you posted the progress from time to time until the rug is shipped to your address.

  4. Shipment of your rug(s) to your home.

To make your own custom rugs or would like to work with us for supplying best rugs at competitive price, just write us, we will get back to you with more details OR fill form below:

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